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Emily Hays
my brother Scott was there in new zealand too.
Comment from : Emily Hays

I don’t appreciate this
When the girl asked the creativity question I was like is he gonna talk about Neon Gravestones? And then he dID
Comment from : I don’t appreciate this

Nina Harris
He says he’s never played it live, he played it at my concert on May 20th, and this conference was yesterday XD

Comment from : Nina Harris

Andrea Franco
Tyler: explains the meaning of life, his music and then answers the small question
Josh: no.

Comment from : Andrea Franco

“There hasn’t been a show we haven’t played holding on to you”
flash backs to “I’m sorry we didn’t play holding on to you, but get over it”

Comment from : rosie.

New Zealand is Great (i live there) pls come back again nov pls
Comment from : Lukas

Sofia Terese
Comment from : Sofia Terese

Aiden Lavallee
Honestly, when I was at the Bandito tour in Montreal. There were 2 people on stage: Josh and Tyler. Yet, it honestly felt like there were like 30 people up there. There was so much energy, and feel that they were putting into the show which made it so enjoyable.
Comment from : Aiden Lavallee

Stewie Pup
I luv how even tho there r hundreds of people lined up outside for days and know every word to every song tyler still doesn't think his band is popular enough that we know the name of their new album
Comment from : Stewie Pup

I would’ve loved to be the gorilla clique. I’m just saying.
Hoty means everything to the clique (at least to me). I hope it stays on set list for the rest of the tours.
‘We never want to turn our backs on old records’ ‘regional at what?’
Tyler is correct about the ‘i want something that will hit the spot’

Comment from : butterfIykjss

Angela R. Lopez
Honestly the fans have WAY better questions than most of the interviewers they've been through
Comment from : Angela R. Lopez

11:00 You can see that Tyler isn't lying about his grandfather. He almost started to cry. He truly is a loving person.
Comment from : hazard

I'm sorry, what is their album called?
Comment from : Lin88

Awsten's Toothbat
New game

take a shot every time they say “good question”

Comment from : Awsten's Toothbat

Awsten's Toothbat
Comment from : Awsten's Toothbat

Awsten's Toothbat

No one:


Comment from : Awsten's Toothbat

Awsten's Toothbat
I love how josh is actually talking
Comment from : Awsten's Toothbat

I can’t believe they were literally 30 minutes from me and I didnt know 💔😭
Comment from : DanandPhilStan

Lane Girl
Hey, did you know the new record is called trench?
Comment from : Lane Girl

Child Of Jones
Tyler:*talking about the hobbit* it's one of my favorite series.

Comment from : Child Of Jones

Elizabeth Ray
Jishwa was that a pun

Comment from : Elizabeth Ray

Jade Brewer
8:28-8:35 is the purest friendship moment
Comment from : Jade Brewer

Jade Brewer
I feel like the story of Josh choosing the gorilla mask and Tyler choosing the skeleton mask shows their personalities haha
Comment from : Jade Brewer

Jade Brewer
They are actually so funny. I really appreciate their humor. Obviously I appreciate their music and values but that's a no brainer.
Comment from : Jade Brewer

Jeni Flamingo
Something I think is great about these two is they both always talk about the and remember the beginning. They both seem so humble. Two nice boys who really care about their fans. So sweet
Comment from : Jeni Flamingo

Aspyn W
Tyler and Josh: We don’t want to turn on old records

Warner Music Group: Bibbity boppity Regional At Best is our property

Comment from : Aspyn W

Currently looking at stuff to buy about them on Etsy😂
Comment from : skeletøn.clique

Laura Bonoli
Comment from : Laura Bonoli

Tylertakeover 2019
4/4= four beats per measure quarter notes gets one beat 3/4= three beats per measure quarter notes gets one beat
Comment from : Tylertakeover 2019

James Earl
I like the fact that they're a duo. Two guys up there just giving an awesome show to the crowd is something special in my mind.
Comment from : James Earl

stan tyler Joseph
asks question

Tyler: huh...that's a good question

Comment from : stan tyler Joseph

Wian van der Merwe
They legit have a song about taco bell
Never turn your back on an album you say

Comment from : Wian van der Merwe

Eralyn Briant
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm such a fan!!! <3
Comment from : Eralyn Briant

collin alvarado
I miss 2013 😭 save rock and roll was insane and it didn't even sell out
Comment from : collin alvarado

Prima Murdock
What great story tellers
Comment from : Prima Murdock

Breanna Nicole
damn it really hurt when he said “when this is over”
Comment from : Breanna Nicole

Syd M
"That was the moment where I hit... a wall.." camera zooms in on wall
Comment from : Syd M

Limey Lia
Its 12am and what am I doing, watching our smol beans be so big
Comment from : Limey Lia

Natalie Fletcher
Comment from : Natalie Fletcher

Positivity Nest
If there was healthy food at night time, who would actually buy it? I can’t think of many people who would. If there is though, that’s a good idea.
Comment from : Positivity Nest

They need a live band if you ask me. They are great live but a lot of it is just backing tracks.
Comment from : DexDark

Kaitlin Boyle
He literally said “when this is over” (at 2:20 ) just like in leave the city he says “they know that it’s almost over”
What if that means that he is almost done making music, like this could be the last album:(

Comment from : Kaitlin Boyle

Eli May
Comment from : Eli May

13:39 the girl in yellow that shook her head lmaoo that’s exactly what i was thinking
Comment from : lily

emmajoy oludare
that one girl that couldn't even look up at them when they walked in is 1000% me lol like I wouldn't feel worthy enough to behold smtg so glorious lol
Comment from : emmajoy oludare

Comment from : HDSoil

Annabeth Chase
pachabel cannon=going down
Comment from : Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase
i just started crying bc i realized tyler and josh are gonna grow old and they won't be able to make music anymore
Comment from : Annabeth Chase

Luxuria Maleficus
Tyler and Josh, I hope they realize that when/if they have kiddos that let something happen to them.... It will literally be like the Avengers. "Skeleton Clique ASSEMBLE"
Comment from : Luxuria Maleficus

Ashlyn M
Tyler said he flips songs around and turns them into the opposite odlf what they are when he doesn't feel inspired, does that mean Pet Cheetah was some soft ass ballad?
Comment from : Ashlyn M

Comment from : ccclauderap

Mia Blair
I am truthfully sad that as I got tickets to the stl show they sold out. I missed my opportunity to see my favorite person in the world
Comment from : Mia Blair

Mia Blair
My favorite radio station in Saint Louis🤧
Comment from : Mia Blair

Panicking Pilots
14:01 sniff the mic tyler
Comment from : Panicking Pilots

Rain Stevenson
I love Jenna
Comment from : Rain Stevenson

Leaf Emerson
Why does Tyler never admit to being a rapper when he can spit better than most of the popular rappers today?
Comment from : Leaf Emerson

Jasmine Meza
I love how they still do the “ur out of the band” that made me so happy🤧😂
Comment from : Jasmine Meza

Clorox Bleach
They could make a comedy sitcom
Comment from : Clorox Bleach

Kaylee Miller
I love watching top interviews because even if it’s just for a few minutes, I forget about my problems and laugh and listen to them talk.
Comment from : Kaylee Miller

Trinity Hoiem
That keyboard was a "cheetah" brand keyboard... Pet cheetah
Comment from : Trinity Hoiem

parepidemos productions
Pauses video at 7:53 because there can only be one...
Comment from : parepidemos productions

allie chotikul
couple of years later and they’re still kicking each other out of the band
Comment from : allie chotikul

Twenty one auto pilots
Comment from : UnquietEagle495

North Wynd33
Tyler: Don’t fall into that hole—

Just Don’t Fall

Comment from : North Wynd33

I really wanna go up to Tyler, hug him tightly, yell I love you and run away.

Maybe I wouldn’t run away but considering I’m shy, I probably would ahaha

Comment from : keanna

Darby Poli
Can someone tell Tyler that I have the same thumbs as him? Please??
Comment from : Darby Poli

Christy Martinez
I freakin love this!
Comment from : Christy Martinez

Your local emo band trash bag
Comment from : Your local emo band trash bag

Danielle k
Tyler singing ding ding ding is so cute
Comment from : Danielle k

Danielle k
Lol the clique could have been called gorilla clique
Comment from : Danielle k

sir where are your eyelashes
Comment from : thoughts_

Teagan Brown
I love how Tyler always looks to Josh after every question because Josh never gets to talk because he's the drummer.
Comment from : Teagan Brown

_Cringeover9000productions _
Yes we know you like Taco Bell you made a saga about it in musical form
Comment from : _Cringeover9000productions _

_Cringeover9000productions _
I thought on the hardest challenge I thought he was gonna say the handshake
Comment from : _Cringeover9000productions _

8:30 theyre so fucking cute dude what the hell
Comment from : emma

4:54 his voice is so pretty ugh
Comment from : emma

Daniel Nunn
That girls ohio hoodie is amazing!
Comment from : Daniel Nunn

jill mont
Were they hiccuping?
Comment from : jill mont

Is the camera person ok? Is it just a stylistic thing or is the room like really cold? It's weirdly shakey
Comment from : Moe

Red Bearded Marketing
Their new album is so good. It reminds a lot of Mute Math's old stuff musically
Comment from : Red Bearded Marketing

Kan John
Tyler look like Edward Norton in this one
Comment from : Kan John

Briana Armendariz
I love watching them talk they’re so cute😭
Comment from : Briana Armendariz

Raulito Mares
Josh at the end : "SWEET!"
Comment from : Raulito Mares

mobil avenue
more fan interviews plz
Comment from : mobil avenue

mobil avenue
"that's a great question"
Comment from : mobil avenue

emily // sunnysidesire
8:28 aww♥️
Comment from : emily // sunnysidesire

Diamønd Banditø
I've been "doing hw" for over 20 mins now. How fun.
At least I was learning, mom!

Comment from : Diamønd Banditø

It’s caused trench
Comment from : Skyicee

that girl is a future reporter, jesus christ
Comment from : I K E

og jenny
Omg Im so confused. This didnt answer my questions
Comment from : og jenny

og jenny
Since when do artists have a press confrence?
Comment from : og jenny

beauty lish11
joshes cute little fierce no at 12:29 killed me
Comment from : beauty lish11

They've gotten so far! I'm so proud of them |-/
Comment from : Yazareth

Jonathan Marshall
And I care what you think haha
Comment from : Jonathan Marshall

Jonathan Marshall
I would be like hi blurryface my name is shitface
Comment from : Jonathan Marshall

Joel The Hedgehog
Twenty One AutoPilots
Comment from : Joel The Hedgehog

The Emo bean
“what’s your weirdest fear?” i was really hoping josh would say long grass that hasn’t been cut apparently cause idk if y’all remember that one video of him and tyler forgot what question he asked and thought josh was scared of grass idk i thought that would be funny i guess
Comment from : The Emo bean

Cas Loves
Tyler being so fricking vague
Comment from : Cas Loves

Cas Loves
twenty one autopilots
Comment from : Cas Loves

Anandita Pandey
im going to their press conference like this in oakland tom im so nervous but excited but GIVE ME QUESTION IDEAS PLS
Comment from : Anandita Pandey

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