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Comment from : A&E

Tanichies ang
i saw the girl with one piece of eyebrow ???😂😂😂
Comment from : Tanichies ang

Chris Kline
5:46 - 5:48
Comment from : Chris Kline

You are officially a dead man walking 🚶‍♂️
Comment from : CodeRed

Rolando Portillo
1:30 guards in the back😂😂😂
Comment from : Rolando Portillo

Kenya Hughes
It makes me sad there’s all black people in there
Comment from : Kenya Hughes

2:25 aw man they got pac in here?
Comment from : iKaiVendetta

Christina Skeletons
No one:


Comment from : Christina Skeletons

Chelsey xo
This will always be the best clip from this show.
Comment from : Chelsey xo

Boneless Communism
Reginald is a savage
Comment from : Boneless Communism

Mr Chen
1:33 laughing in the back
Comment from : Mr Chen

Comment from : Yeffri de cuba ABAJO EL REGIMEN CASTRISTA

What is the wig made of though?! I got questions!
Comment from : RiaKitty

Bish Wha?
I remember me n my mom was inna hotel and saw this show and the first thing we heard is "your not that cute" "ya look dusty" 😂
Comment from : Bish Wha?

Cooler than cold Ice Cold
Scare them straight
Comment from : Cooler than cold Ice Cold

4:20 huh?
Comment from : fLoReNcE

Black Naruto
2:25 dude look like tupac
Comment from : Black Naruto

BriE Duckett
But what is that on top of that man wig 😂
Comment from : BriE Duckett

Maya Ash
The kids are 14. I wouldn’t allow the jail guys to sexually harass them tho...
Comment from : Maya Ash

Joquan Da Hooligan
😂😂😂 These fruitcakes cant even be scared str8 on this episode. The irony is not lost on me here
Comment from : Joquan Da Hooligan

XxJustify SouljaX
6:48 Terry trying to get a record deal from prison like 69 😂😂😂
Comment from : XxJustify SouljaX

Tim Mccollum
0:31 ol buddy tryed to hold back from laughing
Comment from : Tim Mccollum

lennon fido
1:43 the officer in the background has me ON THE FLOOR
Comment from : lennon fido

Yheshua Swopes
I though that was Lenarr in a wig
Comment from : Yheshua Swopes

Chandler Lamb
4:14 kayne isn't doing too well.
Comment from : Chandler Lamb

TT That’s All
I came here for 2:32
Comment from : TT That’s All

TT That’s All
I felt that “you auto be ashamed of yourself” 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : TT That’s All

TT That’s All
“In that bet” 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : TT That’s All

A Doge gaming
4:14 Kevin heart on crack
Comment from : A Doge gaming

Breaking my foo!!....*youtube* POWER BRAND
Comment from : NorthernN54's

Mother comment hits. Everyone else turn there backs.
Comment from : NorthernN54's

The Hand
This is dumb
Comment from : The Hand

I don't know why but the guy with the highlighted wig reminds me of tyler the creator 😂
Comment from : Stabbz

A roast battle between these inmates would be so fire
Comment from : NotFBI

Krysti French
7:00 He's ready for Broadway
Comment from : Krysti French

CJ Makes vlogs
5:00 the guy in the back 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : CJ Makes vlogs

Tim Mccollum
Lol that white dude was trying so hard to get a word in
Comment from : Tim Mccollum

Challenger Boy
Why tf that man got a comb in his hair 🤣🤣
Comment from : Challenger Boy

Francisco Pantoja
5:07 girl with food that look like rice on her fake wig
Comment from : Francisco Pantoja

Lakayla Matthews
9:39 ask one of these officers for there address and they got 16 bullets wanting for yo
Comment from : Lakayla Matthews

Thought this was a Key and Peele sketch from the thumbnail
Comment from : B Q

Alyssa Bowen
Okay but he really had a point about the home invader getting blown away.
Comment from : Alyssa Bowen

Alyssa Bowen
I wonder how many kids have been on this show who actually ended up in jail later... 🤔
Comment from : Alyssa Bowen

Alyssa Bowen
Foxy 😂
Comment from : Alyssa Bowen

Arnold Castillo
Roodypoop punk
Comment from : Arnold Castillo

wow, I wasn't suspecting Mrs. Potato Head

Comment from : PUNNY 3M

This is beyond scared straight, not a sexuality check.. XD
Comment from : ツYT_L0VE

The Guvnor
A bunch of batty boys
Comment from : The Guvnor

M3lody_ _Richardson
What episode is this from ?
Comment from : M3lody_ _Richardson

Madara Uchiha
I found the successful version of him 2:39
Comment from : Madara Uchiha

Tonia James
Any body else peep the Tupac look alike coming down the stairs 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Tonia James

mello xo
" yah look dusty!"
People in the back ground : "yessss!"

Comment from : mello xo

bode bode
“talk about s-s-s-scare you straight”
Comment from : bode bode

Samantha Lindsay
Sis said:
👁 👁

Comment from : Samantha Lindsay

gemin eyes
Imma be real...the guy at 3:22 kinda fine, there I said it.
Comment from : gemin eyes

Tae Cece
Well then jail people that talking to the kids was doing the same thing the kids doing and that they telling the kids to don’t do like if u agree
Comment from : Tae Cece

503 Papa
How tf she got nails on😭🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : 503 Papa

Selena Lee
Okay who letting these jail queens get a hold of cement cuz they injecting it like Botox 😂
Comment from : Selena Lee

Comment from : Do HIM

Somur Time
“cuz you not that cute...and your hairs uneven you look dusty”

everyone in the back: yeahh

Comment from : Somur Time

Omar Saleh
2:40 that guy looks scary
Comment from : Omar Saleh

Sanyea Matthews
Dang he just gon leave him on the table like that
Comment from : Sanyea Matthews

Brooklynn Jefferson
Comment from : Brooklynn Jefferson

isabella Sanntana
We love you waiting for the at the gate future door
Comment from : isabella Sanntana

isabella Sanntana
Times up at the future motel room 65th and know king drive
Comment from : isabella Sanntana

isabella Sanntana
Future is now
Comment from : isabella Sanntana

isabella Sanntana
Vivian take care of yourself and take leave some me Jupiter Jesus is ower of Isabella Jupiter BBY eli
Comment from : isabella Sanntana

isabella Sanntana
I like white greenblue brown brown hair all lgbts transgender woman I don't judge past in the past
Comment from : isabella Sanntana

isabella Sanntana
Believe in Jesus name we pray amen to kill god Rene arredondo Jay Von Monroe is a dead lost soul
Comment from : isabella Sanntana

Zaid Nezam
2:07 lady does not look like she's 45. Looks like she's 70 or 80
Comment from : Zaid Nezam

Brittney D
1:46... Her mf brow 😩😩🤣
Comment from : Brittney D

Wyett Munro
I didn't know Smeagol can rap
Comment from : Wyett Munro

how the preferred preference people scare them more than the regular inmates lmao
Comment from : Lik

Heelziggler Girl
he said he came in here all strong and manly and while in jail he got a full face of eyeshadow on lawd
Comment from : Heelziggler Girl

Shinya Belle
Is that gum in the middle of her part to hold the weave together!🤣🤣
Comment from : Shinya Belle

Taliyah McIntyre
foxy is funny afff😭😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Taliyah McIntyre

Steven Lee
The guy who’s in prison for burglary saying people work too hard for you to steal there car is quite contradicting
Comment from : Steven Lee

The two guards in the back after he said “not me girl”
Comment from : Michaela

James Honrett
4:18 This is like a Jordan Peele character
Comment from : James Honrett

Brandy Brantner
I love this show them jailers dont play.
Comment from : Brandy Brantner

5:59 “That’s ex-scra large?!” 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : wideawakeanimal

Griselda Bankroll
Little rootie poot punk 😂😂😂
Comment from : Griselda Bankroll

Sydnėy Smith
Legend has it he never wore pink again
Comment from : Sydnėy Smith

Israel Bowser
Comment from : Israel Bowser

Why does it look like somebody cracked an egg in that man part in the thumbnail 🥴
Comment from : JuicyBeauty

Baby _Precious
Comment from : Baby _Precious

2:24 is that TuPac? Tell me I wasn't the only one
Comment from : LoneWolf

Keara  B
I don't know if Terry reminded me more of "My Precious" or Dracula, SCARY!!!
Comment from : Keara B

2:28 that man look like kobe
Comment from : sweepzi

Eeuez Garcia
“ you look dusty”

Comment from : Eeuez Garcia

The first one reminds me of Young thug
Comment from : KrisThatsit

Jade Parker
Comment from : Jade Parker

Harsh Gadley
Half this comment section is full of dusty looking crack heads
Comment from : Harsh Gadley

Meme Man
Is that Kobe???? 2:48
Comment from : Meme Man

McKenzi Mckinley
this man said "rutey poot punk like you." i'm cryinnng he sounded like madea 😭😭😂
Comment from : McKenzi Mckinley

Shaneal Brady
Comment from : Shaneal Brady

Traci Burks
“People work too dang hard for you to break into they stuff and steal they car.”
In jail for burglary

Comment from : Traci Burks

1:30 look at everyone wanting to laugh in the background
Comment from : OgPython

David Beachem
6:13 "you know I made a dreeea right" yeah they in the South for sure
Comment from : David Beachem

Lol flamed tf out them kids
Comment from : boyfrannbandit

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